Window treatments aren't just for privacy, although that's obviously an important function, especially in the bedroom. When well chosen, drapes are an easy way to add a soft touch of color and pattern to your bedroom décor.

Curtains are generally window length, less formal and tend to be lighter. On the other hand, drapes are formal, floor length and often have an extra flannel lining. Generally, both of them come in a variety of looks and designs. So, you can always find the one that suits the décor of your house.

Curtains Panels with Rings

Panels with Rings, Curtain rod is quite exposed with these types of curtains, it’s common to use an attractive wooden or metal rod with decorative finials on the rod’s ends.

Cusions Rod-Pocket Panels

Rod-pocket panels are made of lightweight fabrics and are typically unlined for a more casual feel

Curtains Pleated Panels

Classic style of drapery and so never really go out of fashion, although their popularity rises and falls with current trends.

Curtains Tab-Top Panels

Tab-top panels have loops of fabric sewn into or onto the panel’s top seam. The panel hangs flat from these tabs, making this type of window treatment a perfect way to showcase fabric prints and patterns.